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Smyrna, Georgia

Due to its multi-ethnic diversity, Smyrna was honored as the ‘Jonquil City’ by Urban Land Institute. No wonder it’s one of the best places to live in Georgia. Located just 10 miles northwest of Atlanta, the green estate borough derives its floral moniker from the multitudes of cheerful blooms that grow on gardens and streets in early spring. Truly, it’s a sensational place to live in Georgia if your heart’s struck with Atlanta yet long for a semi-countryside experience.

Sprawling with lavish suburbs, lush foliage, and upmarket housing societies calls for Montclair Crew to keep disposal of IT equipment Smyrna services up-and-running round the clock. As the already conventional landfills and junkyards disgorge stench and diseases, our crew ensures Montclair Crew plays its part. Since computers and tech stuff are artificial and comprise synthetic constituents, they compose harmful substances and pose a threat to humans, living creatures, and their natural habitat. We join forces with municipal solid waste management and gather e-waste for separate recycling and disposal operations.

Industries We Cater in Smyrna, GA?

Montclair Crew provides services to tech companies, data centers, telecom companies, multinational firms, enterprises, digital startups, pharmaceutical/biotechnology corporations, government agencies, and academic institutes. Further, we also operate as an equipment ewaste pickup company for bulk electronic recycling and disposal service in Smyrna, GA. Not to mention Montclair Crew welcomes customers who want to get rid of the computer and electronic equipment ramshackle from their garages.

Montclair Crew: Affordable Smyrna Computer Recycling and Disposal Georgia Services



We provide top-drawer e-recycling Smyrna services to date to tech companies and startups wishing to discard old and worn computers, peripherals, electronic equipment, audio/video paraphernalia, medical machinery, and lab testing equipment. Currently, we provide a recycling service in Smyrna, GA, for bulk e-waste. Therefore, the Montclair Crew Atlanta city’s computer ewaste disposal service isn’t open to the general public at the moment.

Our well-equipment and trained workers clean depleted computers, laptops, LCDs, and other e-waste likely to discharge toxic chemicals. Lead, zinc, mercury, cadmium, nickel, brominated flame retardants, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are a few of the lot lethal constituents. These manufactured components are more deadly than regular garbage dump burnouts. It is the primary reason we take pride in our IT equipment recycling Smyrna business owners can acquire with a one phone call or email away.

Montclair Crew’s steer clears e-waste with old computers pickup Smyrna services. Besides that, healthcare staff can also google ‘medical equipment disposal near me’ or simply contact us to dump off the biochemical waste in a failsafe “non-spillage’ manner. We offer the following:


Affordable Hospital Medical Equipment Disposal & Recycle Services in Smyrna

As one of the big names in the e-waste disposal and recycling industry, we now cater to hospitals and test labs. So, if you’re looking for biowaste removal laboratory equipment facilities, you can count on Montclair Crew anytime!

Do You Own Data Centers and Require Database Spring-Cleaning with Fool Proof Security?

Montclair crew disposal squad takes care of your old data in hard disk storage. We use state-of-the-art data erasure software that guarantees clean-ups to the bits. Our expert IT technicians never compromise with their dependable IT equipment recycling Smyrna GA services. Plus, we also provide restoration and transfer for data if you wish to keep sensitive information backup.