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Marietta, Georgia

Most people enjoy getting brand-new, up-to-date gadgets like tablets, phones, or laptops. In the center of the living room is the newest 60″ smart TV. But what happens to the once-exciting, brand-new things we no longer want or need? We mostly eliminate them in the short response.

Imagine how much electronic waste we are producing globally. Is there a solution, and why is the e-waste situation so difficult to handle? Surprisingly, we don’t know how to deal with outdated technologies. Nearly half of us admit to owning cabinets full of cables, hubs, printers, and obsolete phones. However, over a quarter of us don’t know how to recycle outdated electrical equipment.

Electronic garbage, also called e-scrap or e-waste, is waste produced by damaged and outdated electronic devices that can no longer be used or put to other uses. If electronics are not properly disposed of, they can produce various poisonous and hazardous substances and compounds in the environment. The practice of recovering components and materials from outdated electronic equipment for use in new products is known as electronic recycling.

E-Waste Disposal Services



Don’t discard outdated devices or damaged computer hardware on your own. Let us handle it for you. Our area of expertise at Montclair Crew is electronic recycling in Marietta. We are your go-to option for securely recycling electrical products at a time when technological advancements can render your devices obsolete in only a few months.

Businesses in Marietta now have a practical option to recycle IT equipment and PCs. Companies can use our energy-efficient services in Marietta, such as IT equipment disposal, computer recycling, and data destruction.


What We Offer

Montclair Crew is a Marietta-based company providing computer recycling and specialized electronic recycling and data deletion services. Our corporate recycling services assist big corporations, small businesses, government agencies, schools, and medical facilities in managing their IT equipment disposal.
Our experts can assist you whether you are a public company in a compliance-driven sector or a small corporation in need of a straightforward pickup. We are a leading electronics recycling business that can meet all of your business ITAD and e-waste recycling needs. No e-waste assignment is too big or too small for our team, and we are compatible with serving organizations of all sizes. We accept a wide range of IT hardware, including desktop and laptop computers, servers, motherboards, RAM, and much more.

Our Secure and Reliant Recycling Process

Electronics that contain data must be handled carefully to guarantee that all data is erased. Montclair Crew offers a comprehensive and secure electronic recycling solution for Marietta to ensure that your assets are completely protected from the moment they leave your site until all digital data has been completely destroyed. Additionally, we provide data deletion services that are available for electronic recycling near Marietta. We can examine more affordable transportation choices when data is deleted before shipping.