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Clarkston, Georgia

Montclair Crew Recycling



While it’s exciting to purchase the newest devices on sale during seasonal offers, the downside is that many of these electronics don’t get used and end up gathering dust in storage. Unused electronic devices can start to degrade if left for a long time due to exposure to external elements such as humidity, dust, and bugs. In order to prevent any damage, it is important to take preventive measures like wrapping them in bubble wrap before storing them securely. If your electronic device has already begun to degrade, don’t worry! Montclair Crew Recycling is here to help. Having been in the industry for a while, we take satisfaction in helping our customers in Clarkston with their electronic waste disposal and recycling needs.


Electronics Recycling Clarkston

Whether you have purchasing power or not, Montclair Crew Recycling has you covered. We manage recycling and disposal procedures for computers, servers, machinery, and electrical products. We also handle data destruction, computer recycling, laptop recycling, audio-visual equipment (AV equipment), medical equipment disposal, and laboratory equipment disposal in Clarkston.

Medical Equipment Clarkston

The advances in medical technology have been integral to our knowledge of modern medicine. With each minute, healthcare professionals become better informed and more capable of handling the most sophisticated medical devices available today. From stethoscopes and blood pressure monitors to full medical kits, we are educated on recycling or disposing of all forms of outdated medical equipment for physicians and their patients. Utilizing state-of-the-art tech has enabled us to prevent illnesses and treat existing concerns more accurately and efficiently than ever before. However, when new and better medical equipment is released, outdated technology is being phased out of clinics, medical offices, and other settings, including orthodontics and clinics.

At Montclair Crew Recycling, we are proud to offer top-notch recycling services for clients across the Clarkston, Georgia area. From large corporations, startups, and educational institutions to research facilities and data centers, we provide efficient recycling solutions to ensure their sources are part of a more eco-friendly future. Our straightforward process enables us to take e-waste at any stage of its lifecycle and turn it into reusable material – helping maintain environmental sustainability in Atlanta. We take pride in offering data center equipment in Atlanta and enable companies to follow environmentally sustainable approaches.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any medical equipment that needs to be recycled or if you know of any medical facility that needs to donate its equipment so we can go ahead and lend a helping hand.