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Brookhaven, Georgia

Roughly 7.7 billion people living on planet earth today is a colossal figure, yet an outdated guesstimate. Today, almost eight billion people exist on the only known planet known to sustain life in our solar system – and the universe. Let’s say our ‘thank yous’ first, but only to get retaliating echoes back from our humble world. What can we expect when we treat our dwelling with endless dumping and climbing mounds of landfills? – But then there are e-waste recycling companies in Brookhaven, like the Montclair Crew disposal services in Atlanta, GA.

Moreover, a yearly estimate of garbage globally accounts for 20 to 50 million metric tons of electronic scrap. Unquestionably, USA users and companies contribute the lion’s share; other prominent e-waste perpetrators include China, Europe, and Japan. Thank goodness, at least Brookhaven computer recycling will be under control via Montclair Crew electronics and other IT equipment clear-out solutions in Georgia cities.

Indeed, you’re looking at the best e-waste recycling in Brookhaven, GA, services to date. Our team covers almost every nook and corner of Georgia, including Brookhaven, known for its patriotic US ambiance and old homes with a rich American history provenance.

Brookhaven Computer Parts Recycling Services Atlanta, GA



We are a humble computer electronics pickup and disposal company based in Alpharetta, Georgia. Our well-resourced, ewaste acclimatized, and sanitized workers take care of IT equipment removal in Brookhaven pretty neatly. Please note that we do not cater to the public and residential areas unless it’s a call for removing stockpiles of computer peripherals in Atlanta and Georgia.

We steer clear workplace spaces splurged with computers and their space parts. Feel free to call us for bulk removals for tower/desktop PCs, LCD monitors, mice (plural for mouse), keyboards, data servers, networking equipment, hard disk drives, routers, switches, and so on.

Wait, there’s more! – -Apart from computers and electronic accessories, we also provide laptop recycling Brookhaven services for clients, companies, schools, colleges, and NGOs. And the good news is we also help healthcare centers and blood labs get rid of hazardous hospital machinery and test equipment. Almost anything computer-related is the Montclair Crew’s thing – to pick up, dispose of, decompose via shredding machines, restore, resell, or even export. We provide e-waste recycling Brookhaven, GA, disposal services for the following:

  • Computers and peripherals
  • Data center networking switches/routers and servers
  • Electronics equipment
  • Medical lab testing equipment disposal
  • School/College computer collection
  • Customer computer donations
  • Audio and video equipment disposal Brookhaven services
  • Retail and Industrial ewaste recycling and disposal
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Medical and lab testing equipment
  • Smartphones and laptop recycling Brookhaven services

How Montclair Crew Recycle E-Waste in Brookhaven, GA

We only take cost-effective measures with state-of-the-art discard methods to ensure everything is done right. For instance, we wipe your data center servers and hard disk information using the DoD 5220.22-M 3 Pass Data Sanitization method. It means you can call us if you require office data destruction; we also restore your lost sensible data in no time.

Our special shredding machines and IT technical staff make sure electronics are categorized according to their conditions. Hence, we destroy or make them usable again with our best Brookhaven computer recycling services. Contact us via our phone number or email if you have any concerns regarding our professional computer electronics disposal and repair services in Brookhaven, GA.