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Augusta, Georgia

E-Waste: Leading To Marine Destruction



As per the United Nations report, in the last decade, ocean waste has increased significantly to sixty percent, while litter, debris, and e-waste make up a large part of it. E-waste is a major issue of environmental instability now with its drastic harmful effects and disruptions to global environmental resources. According to the reports, approximately eight million tonnes of waste enter the ocean every year, and a significant part of it is electronic waste. This waste not only threatens marine life but also intoxicates the ocean environment. Many times, marine animal, including whales, sea turtles, and seals, is found dead on the coast due to the entanglement of plastic in its body, killing the poor animal right on the spot. In addition, the toxic substances that are dangerous for humans and animals equally are spread into the ocean and get absorbed into the marine bodies, leading to the intoxication of the whole food chain.

Conclusively, the marine environment is a major environmental part of our planet, and its disturbance results in physical, chemical, and biological harmful impacts on both us and the atmosphere of the land. To control and prevent further disaster, we have to come up with a strategy that not only prevents the dumping of e-waste into the ocean bodies but also offers a suitable methodology that can effectively manage electronic waste right from its point of emergence.


Montclair Crew: Saving The Planet Through Effective Recycling And Disposal Of E-Waste

Their Recycling Efforts

Montclair Crew organization has the potential to do so with its innovative and environment-friendly service practices. We offer comprehensive e-recycling services for electronics and computer waste in Augusta, GA. With wide-ranging expertise, we recycle data center equipment, iMac, Macbook, iPhone, medical equipment, test equipment, telecom, computer monitor, switches, cisco, juniper, Meraki, office removal waste, network equipment, network gear, hardware disposal waste, laptop, stereo equipment, video equipment, audio equipment, and various other electronics.

Their Target Areas

For now, we only serve the corporate sector and offer removal, disposal, and recycling services across Augusta, GA. We serve small businesses, corporations, commercial property managers, data centers, schools, healthcare & medical companies, banks & finance companies, government agencies, manufacturers & distributors.

Going beyond recycling, we are also well-versed in data destruction techniques and help you keep your sensitive data secured. Further, we contribute to environmental sustainability by preventing surplus electronic equipment from being disposed of. If your organization in Augusta, GA, has obsolete laptops, iMacs, MacBooks, or computers, Donate them to Montclair Crew today!

Together, we can make a difference in preserving our planet’s resources. Search for electronic recycling near me and support the eco-friendly management of e-waste.