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Tucker, Georgia

Technology is a great tool that has made tremendous advancements in our lives. However, it also comes with an unforeseen consequence: environmental pollution. This pollution directly impacts human health and the health of our environment and continues to increase more rapidly than ever before. The only way to curb this destructive force is to take action now; we have to clean the debris and reduce toxic materials entering the atmosphere. If we start practicing eco-friendly habits today, just think about how much difference we could make by tomorrow.

At Montclair, we take our commitment to the environment seriously. With electronic waste being one of this century’s most significant environmental issues, Montclair has set out to make Tucker Ga a safe and clean place by taking on the task of eradicating electronic waste. Our mission is to preserve the planet’s resources while helping the community develop green technology. We continuously grow and evolve to provide our customers with top-notch recycling service in Tucker, ga. Our ultimate goal is to convert electronic waste into usable equipment for ongoing sustainability, making Montclair a leader in environmental protection and preservation.

Industry Leading Name in E-waste Recycling



Montclair Crew Recycling is a leading name in e-waste recycling in tucker, ga. Our team has vast industry expertise in cleaning up your mess and disposing of the trash in the landfill. Many companies collect a pile of discarded and depreciated computers, keep them in storerooms, and occupy vacant space that releases destructive chemicals harmful to people’s health.


Industries We Serve

We realize the severity of this issue and have come forward to rescue. We serve various industries, including small, medium, and large-scale organizations. Data centers, healthcare companies, schools, universities, and government agencies also come under our valued services. Our company strives to recycle electronic devices, such as smartphones, computers, and televisions, containing valuable materials that can be recycled to save energy and reduce pollution. However, many of these devices end up in landfills, where they can release toxic chemicals into the environment.

We recycle IT equipment Tucker to help conserve resources, reduce pollution, and protect the environment. We provide high-quality recycling services to customers and help them clean up their heap of electronic waste to dump it away.

Certified & Professional Staff

Montclair Crew employs certified and professional staff committed to recycling electronics in Tucker. We safely dismantle all broken devices and separate the recycling materials. Some materials, such as metals and plastics, can be recycled and used to make new products, while others, like batteries and LCD screens, require special handling to prevent environmental damage. We specialize in helping customers recycle their IT equipment so the materials can be used again instead of ending up in a landfill or polluting our air and water.

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