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Snellville, Georgia

The rapid progress of technology has brought about a lot of advancements in businesses. Companies now use the latest equipment for faster and more efficient work productivity. Using technology brings improvement in the performance of workers and they win appreciation in the organization. Computers are commonly used equipment that speeds up the process of tasks. They boost the task operation and execution for small, medium, and large-scale enterprises.

However, the overuse of computers makes them decay. Companies throw these decomposed machines into stores. The scrap inventory lies useless and idle for months in storerooms. During this period, it further decomposes and releases toxic chemicals in the air. It causes environmental pollution and causes harmful diseases to humans. As prevention is better than cure, the best solution is to find the best recycling service in Snellville GA.

E-recycling Snellville



Montclair Crew Recycling gives you the fabulous option to discard your e-waste disposal Snellville. We are the leading company in town providing the finest and most transparent electronic recycling services to clients. Our e-recycling Snellville involves a complete range of services including:

Computers and Network Equipment

Office Equipment

Communication Equipment

Medical and Laboratory

Retail and Industrial

Audio/Visual Equipment

Residential Equipment


Computer and Networking Equipment

Montclair Crew Recycling serves the best to its clients. We specialize in Snellville computer recycling disposal for our valued and prospective customers. Our customers trust us for our unmatched and unparalleled services. We prevent their precious assets from harm. Our team has broad areas of expertise in accumulating, shredding, sorting, and recovering.

We concentrate on saving our client’s data and information. Data privacy is our core concern and we make an honest attempt to protect your data from damage. The primary component in computer recycling is a hard disk drive HDD. We secure your hard drive and retain your data in its original format. Networking is our secondary concern; we boost the speed and efficiency of backup servers to save and store your critical information. Our team has technical expertise in network equipment disposal Snellville.  Call us now immediately!

Office Equipment

Office equipment refers to the essential stuff used in workplaces. It can be anything such as paper, pen, pencil, pad, stapler, printer, copier, plotter, and scanner. There is a huge list of office equipment recycling Snellville and we do it all.

Our team specializes in equipment recycling telecom including VOIP telephones, fax machines, and answering machines. We deal in all kinds of workplace equipment for all sizes of businesses. These products are ideal for better communication and enable a healthy and friendly long-term durable relationship with customers.

Audio/Visual Equipment

Presentation is a crucial part of every organization. Board meetings happen in companies that require recycling audio visual equipment Snellville. We collect old and used A/V kits and renew them to add value to your company meeting. Our technicians pick up AV equipment in Snellville and recycle them to convert them into a usable form.

Apart from refurbishing, we also buy and sell video equipment in Snellville ga. Hire us now!