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The accumulation of e-waste is an escalating threat all around the world. The excessive utilization of technology has led to this miserable situation for everyone. Companies generate discarded e-waste at an alarming rate. It creates a lot of health issues for employees in organizations from the decomposition of particles that spread in the air and causes breathing issues. The dissemination of these particles causes environmental and physical threats in the urban city. We at Montclair are well aware of these issues and endeavoring hard to eliminate electronic waste through our Rome e-waste pickup services. Our team deals with the major concerns of businesses and resolves them effectively.

Premium E-Recycling Service in Rome GA



We are a newly established recycling service in Rome, GA dedicated to delivering quality and reliability. Companies collect and keep used and broken computers in their storerooms. Lying idle for months they put an adverse effect on human health. Montclair brings you a lasting solution to disposing of electronic waste. Customers can reach us via email, call, chat, or through a contact form. They can fill in the complete form and include their description. After getting permission from the client, our e-waste pickup services in Rome reach their location. We collect the scraped equipment and clean the pile of mess. Our team eliminates the sheer volume of electronic waste and transports them to a landfill site.

Companies often look for computer recycling near Rome GA. Montclair gives a one-stop solution for them. We provide a professional quality service to our valued customers. Our team has an extensive experience in the recycling and disposal industry and they know their jobs well. We follow a detailed process of physical, chemical, recovering, and shipping techniques to shape your useless product into a usable form.


Reducing the Pollution with Montclair Crew

Consider using the services Montclair Crew offers if you have an abundance of laptop parts, monitors, keyboards, or other IT equipment that needs to be recycled responsibly. Our mission is to reduce our planet’s carbon footprint through e-waste recycling. We are equipped to handle any old IT products currently occupying your office space. With our help, you can rest assured that what isn’t able to be reused will still positively impact the environment while also keeping hazardous materials out of landfills. So if you’re looking for an environmentally conscious solution to discard excess IT equipment properly, look no further than Montclair Crew.

Our Service areas include:

Small Businesses

Large Corporations

Commercial Real Estate and Property

Schools and Universities

Data Centers

Healthcare and Medical

Banking and Financial Sector

Government Agencies

IT Equipment Disposal Rome

Our business mainly revolves around these niches. Besides, we also have good mutual connections with manufacturers and distributors. The reason for connecting with wholesalers and retailers is to buy and sell equipment in the market. We take items in bulk volumes and find companies that have massive scraped stock. Organizations can hire us for IT equipment disposal Rome. Call us now!