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Norcross, Georgia

Do you know that out of all the toxic waste the world produces, seventy percent comes from laptops, cell phones, and all kinds of tech gadgets you so recklessly throw away? Yes, all of your favorite tech equipment are made up of toxic chemicals, and when you dump them without following standard protocol, you contribute to the environmental catastrophe, causing a shift in the greenhouse gases and contamination of soil, water, and air.

E-Waste: Its Challenges And Consequences



E-waste is a growing problem that is becomingly increasingly difficult to solve. With the explosion in the IT industry stemming from generations of tech-savvy Millenials and Gen Zers, the use-and-discard pattern has put immense pressure on our planet. E-waste is comprised of materials that are unable to be decomposed, making it highly challenging to manage and recycle properly on an environmental level. Unfortunately, global data collected surrounding e-waste mismanagement indicates that we have not yet taken these issues seriously enough, leaving us with devastating consequences down the road.


Montclair Crew: Comprehensive Corporate E-Waste Disposal, Recycling, And Removal In Norcross

Located in Norcross, GA, Montclair Crew is tackling the e-waste crisis head-on with a comprehensive, one-stop solution. Our innovative and pragmatic approach to e-recycling offers a cost-effective, result-oriented service. We specialize in the disposal of data center equipment, laptop, medical equipment, test equipment, telecom, switches, cisco, juniper, iMac, MacBook, iPhone, Meraki, network equipment, and gear, stereo equipment, video equipment, audio equipment and all kinds of electronics. Companies looking for an efficient electronic waste management provider no longer need to look any further for their needs in Norcross.

Who And How We Serve?

We offer corporate removal, disposal, and recycling services in Norcross with well-managed and environmentally focused service practices, providing your office removal process a satisfactory end. We efficiently address the e-waste of small businesses, corporations, commercial property managers, data centers, schools, healthcare & medical companies, banks & finance companies, government agencies, manufacturers & distributors. Besides properly handling, transporting, and disposal of your e-waste, we also offer data destruction services, providing complete confidentiality to your data and helping it reach a satisfying end. Furthermore, the purchase or resale of the data center is also our specialty. We help you donate the laptops, iMacs, and MacBooks that are no longer useful for you to the business that needs them, effectively reducing the e-waste in the process.

Do you need service to pick up your office laptops or computers, or are you searching for ‘electronic recycle near me’ in Norcross? We are the right fit to get the job done. Get in touch with us now and play your part as a responsible business.