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Macon, Georgia

E-Waste: Rising Health Hazards In Children Globally



It’s a widely known fact that the e-waste of developed countries gets dumped in third-world countries on an enormous scale. This practice has been creating several issues for the population that lives near those dumping sites in developing countries, especially children.

China is the largest dumping site in the world, receiving most of the waste through illegal trade from developed nations. A study conducted in Guiyu, China, regarding health hazards caused by dumped e-waste concluded that children who live near these dumping sites have significantly larger impurities of lead in their blood as compared to others due to lead inhalation from polluted air and ingestion of lead-contaminated food. The lead damages the brain, disturbs the nervous system, causes developmental issues, and weakens the immune system and overall strength.

Besides lead, another highly toxic chemical, cadmium, was found in the urine of children living close to dumping sites in Ghana. Such alarming facts warn the world to take a step toward improvement as it is the need of the hour, and not doing so can really ruin the future we are all trying so hard to develop.


Montclair Crew: Bringing Environmental Stability With Innovative E-Recycling Methods

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Montclair Crew of Macon city, GA, understands the severity of the subject and strives to create a sustainable and pollution-free future with its revolutionary service practices. We offer computer and electronics e-recycling services across Macon, GA. Our services include recycling data center equipment, iMac, Macbook, iPhone, medical equipment, test equipment, telecom, computer monitor, switches, cisco, juniper, Meraki, office removal waste, network equipment, network gear, hardware disposal waste, laptop, stereo equipment, video equipment, audio equipment, and various other electronic items.

Service Areas

With Montclair Cew, business owners and commercial property managers in Macon, GA, have a great resource dedicated to helping them with their recycling needs. We provide comprehensive corporate recycling, removal, and disposal services tailored to their client’s needs. We serve small businesses, corporations, data centers, schools, healthcare & medical companies, banks & finance companies, and government agencies. Manufacturers & distributors have also taken advantage of their broad range of options.

Being passionate about the cause, we go beyond recycling and offer data destruction services to motivate customers to safe e-waste disposal by securing their data, providing resale, and purchasing data center equipment. If your business operates in Macon, GA, and you have obsolete laptops, iMacs, MacBooks, or computers, donate them to Montclair Crew today!