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Griffin, Georgia

Recycling is a crucial need for businesses and households today. It is due to a rise in technology that has created a heap of electronic waste in companies. They use computers, laptops, and tablets, and when these gadgets lose their value, they discard them in the storeroom.

The constant depreciation of electronic equipment makes them decay and decompose. Due to decomposition, they release toxic chemicals that are seriously harmful to the environment. To save the environment from pollution, Montclair has entered the field. We are a leading recycling service in Griffin GA operating in Georgia state to make the city clean and green. Our aim is to make the city an eco-friendly and healthy place to live for dwellers. We serve numerous small and large corporations including:

Corporate and Commercial Businesses

Real Estate and Property Agencies

Schools and Universities

Banks and Financial Institutions

Healthcare and Medical

Data Centers

Manufacturers and Distributors

Federal and Local Government

Corporate and Commercial Businesses



Montclair Crew Recycling is a trusted name in the field of electronic recycling near Griffin. We have a competent and efficient team of specialists who has years of industry experience in corporate equipment recycling griffin.

We offer e-waste pickup services in Griffin. The popularity of our company is spread far and wide in the city and companies call us to pick up and dump their electronic waste. We collect scraped and salvaged equipment from organizations and buy them at cheaper costs. After buying the stuff, we recycle It equipment griffin and reprocess it to reuse again.

Our team follows step-by-step and systematic procedures to dispose of decomposed computers, monitors, keyboards, scanners, mouse, and speakers. Our disposal staff works on a complete range of electronic stuff including office equipment recycling Griffin. We receive a nominal charge on a few electronic items such as DVDs, data backup tapes, printers, and copiers. Except for these items, we do not charge anything on items that we accept for recycling and disposal.


Federal and Local State Government

Many government agencies open tenders for selling and disposing of their scraped items. They hire us to collect their office equipment griffin ga. Companies and the public set their bids and send proposals to purchase these depreciated items at inexpensive costs. The higher bid quote wins the proposal and provides complete requisition to purchase these products. It happens every year and new companies emerge in the market to make their offers. They post an advertisement in the newspaper or provide information online on the website to keep the stakeholders aware.

Manufacturers and Distributors

The growth of computer manufacturing proves the peak of demand in the market. Numerous manufacturers manufacture new desktops and laptops to sell to customers. Besides this, they also purchase used items to recycle computers in Griffin. We are among the leading manufacturer and distributors in the industry dealing with used and e-waste equipment to repurpose them. We convert the scraped equipment into a usable form and resell it to clients at better prices. Hire us now!

Learn more about Montclair crew recycling services and why we are making such as buzz in the market of electronic recycling and IT disposal in Thomasville.