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Decatur, Georgia

E-waste is a growing concern in the world nowadays. The presence of electronic waste is contaminating the planet and causing pollution on earth. It releases chemicals such as lead, chromium, copper, platinum, and palladium. These are toxic metals that harm the masses’ physical, biological, and environmental health.

In the United States, the ratio of e-waste is growing higher. It has reached up to 60 percent in the USA according to a Statista report. It shows the staggering condition of electronic waste that is continuously piling up at an alarming rate.

To prevent native dwellers from this hazard, Montclair Crew Recycling is making remarkable efforts. We are doing applaudable work in the elimination of e-waste and managing it properly to recycle electronics in Decatur. Our company is based in Alpharetta Georgia and operates successfully in the entire state.

We are striving hard to expand our work throughout the state and have plans to spread our services to the United States and abroad. We keep the mission of disposal of IT equipment Decatur and cleaning up the mess from the country.

Recycling Service in Decatur



Being a renowned recycling service in Decatur GA, we are famous for collecting and transporting your disposable items to a landfill. We also make sure to keep the landfill site away from the city population to save the residents from health hazards. Montclair Crew Recycling holds a reputation for collecting, transporting, sorting, shredding, extracting, and separating e-waste. We do complete IT equipment disposal Decatur.  Our e-recycling Decatur involves everything from computers, monitors, keyboards, motherboards, hard disk drives, and speakers.


Network Equipment Removal Decatur

Apart from computers, we are highly specialists in network equipment disposal Decatur. Our team has extensive expertise in recycling modems, switches, servers, power cords, cables, network hubs, and firewalls. We manage and maintain internet gateways to deliver high-speed internet to our valued customers.

Most companies are afraid of their data security due to malfunctioning local servers. They do not support maximum data storage, have a limited data storage capacity, and fail to prevent your data from theft or theft. It happens due to power outrage that causes your data to disappear. Our network gear recycling in Decatur helps businesses retain their data and keep their privacy.

Decatur Computer Recycling

The abundant use of computers in organizations makes them decay. We take away these decomposed desktops and laptops to renew their appearance. Our team follows a simplified process to accumulate, sort, and recover the desired data for customers. Montclair takes pride in recycling IT equipment data center Decatur. Businesses are concerned about their data storage capacity. They hire us to recover their precious data from theft or missing. We serve giant data centers and enhance their room for storage. Our specialists boost the performance of data servers and improve their productivity to give faster results.

We speed up the capacity of desktops and laptops to increase their function and operation. Our team reconditions the old and used computers and makes changes in their overall execution. Call us now!