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Covington, Georgia

Electronic recycling in Covington



We are the Montclair Crew Recycling Services and we proudly help businesses meet their goals to dispose of or recycle computing equipment. We understand that commercial clients urgently need Covington computing recycling services. That’s because computing and electronic recycling near Covington is fast becoming a necessity. We have become a reliable name in this niche after earning many satisfied customers.

Electronic recycling in Covington is a tricky business for many reasons. disposing off used hardware can be equally difficult for novices as they don’t know how to recycle the equipment. Similarly, getting rid of hardware that is non-functional becomes a headache for businesses. At Montclair Crew Recycling, we ensure that your hardware remains functional and doesn’t go into the trash can. our recycling service in Covington GA keeps your hardware and electronics functional.


Montclair Crew Recycling Service

Wondering why should you trust Montclair Crew Recycling Services? Because we provide services that save you time, money, and investment. We are a full spectrum hardware, software and datacenter service provider that ensures no part of your investment goes wasted. As a full fledge electronics recycling in Covington provider, we take care of your hardware and accessories with equal proficiency. Our IT equipment disposal Covington  is unrivaled in the region and adds value to our portfolio.

Computer Recycling Service in Covington

Montclair Crew Recycling deals with businesses and commercial providers for now. Our clientele expands across various industries which include small, medium, and large business units to industry service providers, data centers, schools, colleges and hospitals, and many others. As a full-spectrum recycling and equipment disposal expert in e-waste recycling in Covington GA, we help improve the environment by reducing e-waste footprint across the region.

As for equipment pickup, we cover that for you as well through our waste pickup program that lets you drop the e-waste at our location and we will do the rest. The program is free of cost and is meant to serve our valued business clients. We have shipping cost coverage to facilitate our customers.

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