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Conyers, Georgia

Do you know we are throwing eight hundred laptops annually? Yes, it’s unbelievable, but unfortunately, it’s a stark truth, as the amount of e-waste we have been generating yearly makes up exactly the same amount as these discarded laptops.

E-Waste: Production And Hazards



The prominence of e-waste has been ever-increasing since 2014, and its management is an essential aspect to consider. Given that majority of the waste materials around the world, like plastic, glass, and paper, are not handled judiciously, it does nothing good for e-waste, which holds a greater risk due to its hazardous properties. This primarily includes toxic substances such as lead, arsenic, and selenium, which, when present in human bodies, can cause serious damage to nervous systems and kidneys over long periods. Additionally, further harm from these toxic chemicals rests with abiotic elements like waterbodies, landfills, and soil, warranting much-needed action for properly handling e-waste. Only then can we save our environment from getting destroyed beyond repair.


Montclair Crew: Providing Effective E-Recycling Solutions In Conyers

There is only one solution to stop the world from reaching the extent of this hazard; an efficient e-waste management system. Most parts of the globe are still in denial or are not taking an active part in its proper management, hence, the rise in e-waste hazards. But the situation is far different in Conyers, GA, where a team of passionate and dedicated individuals is utilizing its all-out efforts to bring the locality a comprehensive and productive e-recycling solution titled Montclair Crew.

The current e-waste hazard is a global threat that requires effective and immediate action. Although many countries are still in the denial phase or have failed to take active measures to manage this issue, Montclair Crew’s team in Conyers, GA, is pioneering to bring a comprehensive e-waste management solution. Subsequently, Montclair Crew has taken on the responsibility of efficiently e-recycling the waste and bringing relief to the locals. With its dedicated team of passionate individuals, Montclair Crew is doing everything within its means to ensure that resultful progress is made in preventing the further rise of e-waste hazards.

What We Recycle?

Montclair Crew is a computer and electronics recycling service provider in Conyers, GA. We offer an environmentally friendly methodology to recycle data center equipment, iMac, Macbook, iPhone, medical equipment, test equipment, telecom, disposal computer hardware and monitor, switches, cisco, juniper, Meraki, network equipment, network gear, laptop, stereo equipment, video equipment, audio equipment, and various other electronic devices.

Conserving Natural Resources

We employ an excellent tactic to reduce e-waste by offering you the service of selling or purchasing data center equipment, conserving natural resources, and financing in the process. If your business in Conyers has some laptops, Macbooks, or iMacs to donate, Montclair Crew can purchase that or connect you with a suitable partner, stimulating productivity on all fronts with the main focus on reducing e-waste. In addition, we also cater to the data destruction requirement of businesses, effectively removing sensitive data and shredding and disposing of the equipment.

Who Do We Serve

Our reputable e-waste services in Conyers cater to a range of businesses, including small businesses, corporations, data centers, schools, healthcare & medical companies, banks & finance companies, government agencies, and manufacturers & distributors. To do our part for the environment, we are committed to promoting awareness around sustainability practices and encouraging everyone in the Conyers community to come together and employ safe disposal methods for e-waste. We firmly believe that with collective efforts from businesses and individuals alike, we can be successful in restoring nature’s beauty for generations to come.

Going beyond standards, we also offer free pick-up service to the business, so if you need your computers or laptops to be picked up in Conyers, call us right away.