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Are you willing to get rid of old electronics without taking them to a landfill site? Montclair Crew’s Carrollton computer recycling service is a great option. We specialize in electronics disposal and serve commercial customers throughout the United States.

Our recycling service in Carrollton is easy and reliable, providing great value for your money. Our team has the requisite expertise to handle even complex computer recycling jobs. We always ensure that your scraped and salvaged stuff is transported and disposed of safely and environmentally responsibly. Above all, our commitment to accurate materials sorting helps minimize health hazards associated with releasing toxic particles into the environment caused by e-waste garbage. From lead, copper, and plastic sorting to cleaning up hazardous elements, Montclair’s step-by-step process ensures that waste disposal is carried out safely and eco-friendly.

Benefits of Carrollton Computer Recycling



Tired of dealing with subpar disposal services? Montclair Crew Recycling is here to help! Our company provides Carrollton businesses with the highest quality recycling solutions around. Enjoy all sorts of incredible benefits and favors, such as:

  • Receive ROI
  • Stay Sustainable
  • get rid of your old computers safely
  • hassle-free process
  • No restrictions on recycling
  • Find a computer recycling near Carrollton

Our Top Priority? Customer Satisfaction

Getting started with IT equipment recycling in Carrollton can be daunting, but taking the right steps can protect people and the environment from the dangers of heavy metals. Old, broken computers in warehouses usually contain lead and mercury, found in their cathode ray tubes and printed circuit boards. We make sure to follow the correct procedure for disposing of these materials safely, so our clients can keep their space clean and have peace of mind that their impact on the world has been minimized. So don’t hesitate to get started with computer recycling today!

We utilize the following steps to prevent harm.

Steps of Recycling

1. Dispose of the computer by recycling it.

2. Remove the battery and the hard drive.

3. Remove the motherboard and the other components.

4. Collect the plastics and metals.

The recycling process for computers begins by sorting the devices into three categories: desktop, laptop, and electronic equipment. We separate components during the recycling procedure and assembling of new devices. We offer superior electronics recycling Carrolton services and take pride in taking relevant safety measures during the recycling process, such as unplugging the circuit devices and removing the battery.

At Montclair Crew, we understand how important it is to be compliant with local disposal and recycling rules. That’s why our team has the know-how to properly sort and recycle IT equipment in the Carrolton area. We specialize in recycling old and damaged electronic devices so that your previously used items can become functional and usable.

If you’re looking for professional, reliable assistance with disposing of your old technology, then look no further – call Montclair Crew today and put us to work for you!