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Calhoun, Georgia

E-Waste: An Environmental Catastrophe



Analyzing the trends of waste generation over the years, annual waste production is estimated to double by 2030. This static is extremely disturbing considering the annual e-waste production of approximately fifty million tons. But why has e-waste been on the rise since 2014, when it started to be addressed? The statistics have been representing an irregular increase in the residual production of tech gadgets and equipment, predicting a catastrophic scenario for planet earth if measures are not taken immediately in the right direction.

E-waste is generated when electronic equipment that no longer serves its purpose or gets severely outdated lands in the trash. Every activity produces waste in general, and so are the making and usage of electronic items. However, the real challenge is not its production but rather the effective disposal of these electronics in a way that benefits the environment, society, and economy. This threefold management of e-waste is well-understood by the experts of Montclair Crew in Calhoun.


Montclair Crew: A Channel for Sustainable E-Recycling in Calhoun

Montclair Crew is a computer and electronics e-recycling service in Calhoun, GA, serving the locality in the long run. The firm offers removal, recycling, and disposal assistance to corporate sectors concerning their electronic waste, which may include data center equipment, iMac, MacBook, iPhone, network gear, medical equipment, test equipment, computer monitor, switches, cisco, juniper, Meraki, network equipment, laptops, stereo equipment, video equipment, audio equipment and more.

A Comprehensive E-Recycling Approach in Calhoun

Montclair contributes to the environment by shredding and disposing of electronic items that are no longer serviceable while reusing and recycling the equipment to generate assets of value while preserving the natural resources and energy in the process. If you have a business in Calhoun and need a hand in removing e-waste from your office or require recycling or disposal of computers, laptops, telecom, hardware, or whatnot, Montclair Crew is the go-to option. With their customer-oriented and professional service practices, they are sure to meet your needs.

Free E-Waste Pick-Up Service in Calhoun

We recommend small businesses, corporations, commercial property managers, data centers, schools, healthcare and medical companies, banks and finance companies, government agencies, or manufacturers and distributors in Calhoun to donate their laptops, iMacs, MacBooks, or any obsolete or expired electronics to Montclair Crew for the safe disposal and recycling of e-waste.

Going one step ahead in ecological well-being, Montclair Crew offers free e-waste pick-up service to not only facilitate the clients but also to motivate the corporate sectors in general in helping to dispose of e-waste safely.

Contact Montclair Crew for your e-recycling needs in Calhoun and play a role in preserving the planet.